Welcome to my blog!

life ยท Aug 20, 2023

Hi There!! Thanks for coming.

Here's the deal. I've started a blog multiple times.

The first blog I kept in college for a bit used good ol' Blogger. At the time of starting that blog I wasn't at my best. While most folks look fondly back at their college experience I had a bit of a dark mark on my history that I have chosen to move on from. (Maybe we'll talk about that at some point.) All that to say, that old blog got deleted. (Don't worry, I saved a copy but that's for my self reflection not public embarrassment ๐Ÿ˜†.)

I've also started a blog two more times by coding the website myself. I looked at those as an opportunity to learn new technologies and I guess prove that I'm an ok software engineer? Reflecting back that was a poor way of thinking. Ultimately my drive for those fizzled out. I think mostly because I had these grand ideas for a huge feature set that would have taken a long time to code. It really was a case of:

Perfect is the enemy of Good

So it's time for a shift in thinking. I've built this website myself but I've also started out with a very very simple website. I've got a long list of features I'd like to include some day... but hopefully I can work on those one at a time as a bit of a side-hobby and really focus on posting more often.

Anyways, ta ta for now. I hope to see you again soon.